We are who we choose to be

Its been about 10 months since the appointment of PPI NCU 2017-2018, which is led by Hadis Hasyimi, and formerly Hanas Subakti, who resigned due to his election to become the Head of PPI Taiwan 2018. This April 2018 will mark the end of our contribution to NCU and Taiwan. Consisted of External Division, Internal Division, Sport and Culture Division, Media Division, and Funding Division, we did our best to present good coordination. Although there are various personality, with our togetherness, we built unity in our diversity. With our togetherness, our programs had been successfully done. We shape PPI NCU 2017-2018 like we shape ourselves, and even though the period eventually ends, the process itself is never-ending. The choices that we made are ultimately our own responsibility. PPI NCU is like our home. We are proud of each other and we give support to those whom we call family. Family give their warmest love to each other, and thus, a family serve their endeavor to reach their goals. Our story was made by having fun until we didn’t realize that actually we made some memories. Give tons of gratitude for our beloved team members:
  1. Hanas Subakti wise and always on time
  2. Hadis Hasyimi bringing food when we have discussion
  3. Vidya Trisandini make up first, task always done
  4. Rofiqoh Fithri Atsiri sharp and intuitif
  5. Elsya Dhana never ending laugh
  6. Vina Agustin humble and cheer up
  7. Indra Rio hard outside, soft inside
  8. Alfinna Mahya the queen with full motivation
  9. Aloysius Niko never give up
  10. Raviqul Haidir handsome and wise
  11. Ervin Yohanes love to help people
  12. Andhika Renaldi details and quick
  13. Toko Sugiharto well said politician
  14. Muhammad Ishak duty come first
  15. Alfiatur Rahmah right girl in the right time
  16. Usfita Kiftiyani shy but strong
  17. Jeddah Yanti seems like beautiful and hard worker
  18. Mei Astrid always ready to help
  19. Maystya Tri Handono calm and thinker
  20. Basta Simanulang strong and responsible
Overall, we send our deepest gratitude for all, we hope the best for PPI NCU in the future.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

We are one (alfinna/red)

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